The Shore FM 104 Spins ‘Soul Train Ride’

A big, heartfelt thank-you to Patrick Zulinov and the rest of the good folks at The Shore FM for playing ‘Soul Train Ride’ and to Dave Chesney for his help in making it happen. I highly recommend this station (and that’s not just because they’re spinning my tune). The Shore has a very diverse and cool playlist and are a refreshing change from the usual formats. They do an awesome job showcasing local artists so please support the station by tuning in and letting them know how much you dig what they do (and if you think of it you might mention that you like that ‘Neil Harnett’ guy). You can listen to them on your radio at 104.1 or use their online streaming player. – NH


2 thoughts on “The Shore FM 104 Spins ‘Soul Train Ride’

  1. Brenda Kane

    omigosh…once again, made my day…and NH is local? or at least Canadian? That’s my kinda music.
    Thanks PZ for playing this calibre of sound.

  2. Thank you Brenda. Folks like you make this all worthwhile. And yes, PZ and The Shore rock. Hopefully we’ll cross paths ‘somewhere’ along the road of life.

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