Some new radio adds & Vancouver Show

Greetings All. Spring has sprung here in the Vancouver area and I like it. Just wanted to let you know that we’ve managed to get a few more radio adds, including various CBC shows and a couple of Galaxie channels. The Galaxie channels are available on your TV digital tuner (i.e. shaw terminals). Apparently they have added a couple tunes to the blues channel and one to the AA channel (similar format to The Shore).

I am also trying to nail down a venue and date for a Vancouver show in May. It will also be a partial fundraiser for the BC Brain Injury Association. I will update you all as soon as I have the details confirmed.

Be well and enjoy the weather.



One thought on “Some new radio adds & Vancouver Show

  1. “Somewhere” is a great album and Neil Harnett has something special in his singing and performing for sure. The guy has got style and his songs grab ya right off, no question, he is a stellar performer and a seasoned veteran in the business, my fav tune is “Be Myself with you” , but you may find your own fav out of the many genre he has laid down on this rocking cd From roots rock, to folk pop and killer groovin blues, this has magic all through it, best of luck on your release Neil

    bryon tosoff

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