The Trip’s the Thing

I have been remiss in keeping my news page up to date – sorry about that. Life has been full of challenges lately with the recent passing of my dear Mom, plus me and the family are in the middle of packing for a move. Although we are excited it sure is a lot of work and I honestly don’t know anyone that actually enjoys the process. However, as the song says, ‘The Trip’s the Thing’ and everyday I try my level best to remember that and enjoy the moment for what it is, even if the understanding eludes me.

Speaking of ‘The Trip’s the Thing’, I have been hearing from folks that they have heard it a number of times on Galaxie (the Adult Alternative channel), so that’s cool. A couple of the blues tracks off the CD are getting played on the blues channel on Galaxie as well as CBC and ‘Soul Train Ride’ is still getting airplay on The Shore. In fact, I have received some awesome posts and emails regarding the tune and The Shore.

As busy as things are right now we are also working on getting some more airplay. I want to thank Bryon Tosoff for his help. With any luck at all we’ll get more adds soon. I have other marketing plans that are a little offbeat and tied into my passion about supporting brain injury, which I will get to once we are moved and settled.

As a result of the time consuming family matters I did have to cancel my Vancouver show scheduled for May 22 but we are currently looking at another date in June or July and will announce that asap. We will also be looking to do another show in my local town of White Rock.

Be happy, tolerant and joyful. After all, ‘The Trip’s the Thing’ – Neil


2 thoughts on “The Trip’s the Thing

  1. greg

    so sorry to hear about your mom
    deepest sympathy from us and our family
    hope you get settled soon
    i know first hand what you are dealing with
    we just moved to brookswood may 23rd
    now comes the fun part
    sorting thru the rubble!!
    will try to catch a show real soon
    take care
    and keep the great music coming!
    luv ya
    greg h

    1. Thank you so much for the message Greg. Great to hear from you. Good luck with the unpacking. My God, it seems we are all major pack rats eh?. I have so much stuff that I just seem to move from place to place., Yeesh! Once we get a little more settled and make a few ‘renos’ I will be getting back to the business of music. Among other things I want to put on another ‘show’ in or close to White Rock as well as pulling together a Vancouver show. Sadly, there always seems to be something else in life that needs my attention these days and I can really hear the clock ticking but it’s family first, so I just try and let things be what they will. Please give Karen a hug for me. I hope you are all well.
      Love ya.


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