Keeping the Boat Afloat

Yikes! We’re well into summer (or a version thereof) and I have been remiss in keeping my website current. Time flies while you’re living life and it seems to take so much of it just to keep ones boat afloat. Such is life at this stage of the journey and although there was a time when I would experience serious angst over such a revelation I have been doing my very best to live by the credo that acceptance is the answer to all my problems. Might sound corny but it works.

While dealing with all the settling in that happens as a result of moving into a new home, I have been getting some work done and playing my usual local venues. Bryon Tosoff is still helping with radio promoting and we have had some exciting and interesting results along the way. Tunes from the new Somewhere CD have been picked up at various stations throughout the world so one never knows what might come of it. I will post more meaningful details when they become available.

The trio is playing tonight (Thursday, July 15)  at the Dublin Crossing in Surrey and I am playing solo this Saturday (July 17) at Iguana’s in White Rock. Other upcoming dates are: The WAG in White Rock July 23, 24  with Bill Fulton on bass and Rick Clark on drums and July 30, 31 with Lee Oliphant on bass and Shawn Soucy on drums. Lee and Shawn will also join me for a gig at the Launching Pad in White Rock on August 1st where we play from 1-5pm and then dash off to the White Rock Sea Festival main stage to play a set from 6-7pm. The stage is close to the pier and apparently there will be a food vendor onsite with some mexican fare so you can eat and listen at the same time.

I wish you all happiness, tolerance and true joy.



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