Long Time-Long Read


Before I launch into my novel, I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year. If you are looking to get out on New Year’s Eve, I will be playing at the Washington Avenue Grill with the trio.

I haven’t updated my home page since the summer and yet every week since then it has been my intention to do so. Out of respect for my fans, whose support I appreciate more than words can say, I would like to share some of my life with you.

When our daughter, Amy, had a serious accident in August 2008, I was about to release the  Somewhere CD, but there was no question where I needed to be, so it wasn’t until August 2009 that I finally released the new record. My plan, at that time, was to tour and play shows in support of the release. However, due to the life changing nature of Amy’s accident, it became obvious that my focus needed to remain on the family and the eventual reality that we had to move to a larger home. While in the process of our move my mother passed away which contributed to the emotional and administrative challenges. Suffice to say, I have had my hands and heart full.

Life’s daily challenges, as I’m sure you all know, require constant decisions as to where we allocate our time and energy, and one can expect a project or task to struggle without such assets. This has been my conundrum over the last couple of years. Although I tend to be a passionate, motivated and ambitious little rascal and understand the importance of goal setting, I have an even stronger belief that we need to be there for family and friends when major life events call for our presence, attention and loving support. In fact, I am convinced that our society has turned itself inside out in this regard.

Although the last couple of years did not go according to my original plans, I have managed to get out and play a number of restaurant gigs, a few concerts and private events. I thank the good folks at the Washington Avenue Grill, The Vault and Iguana’s Beach Grill for booking me and readily admit that I would be in a proverbial pickle without their support. I’m also very grateful to The Shore for their awesome support and for playing Soul Train Ride. Thanks as well to CBC, Galaxy and all the other stations for spinning various tracks from the CD. None of this would have happened without the help of Dave Chesney, Bryon Tosoff and Brant Zwicker – thanks guys for all you have done along the way and my apologies for not making better use of the connections and momentum you helped to create.

There was a time when the release date of a CD was crucial but with the current DIY paradigm and overall state of the industry  I believe there is flexibility in this regard. As such, I am considering the idea of re-marketing/re-releasing the Somewhere CD. I also plan to release a blues/bluesy focused collection of tunes. So, when the heck is all this going to happen??

Well – we are currently two thirds through our reno and can finally see light (either that or it’s an oncoming train – hah!). The reno includes a music room/office where I will be spending a lot of time. I expect that by the end of January 2011 all the major reno should be done and my focus can return to music. As well as the blues release, I have some other ideas that I look forward to bringing to fruition. You can also look to see more shows that integrate fundraising efforts to support brain injury associations.

I would like to conclude my novel by introducing my wonderful family (you can see them here)

Amy has come a long way since her accident. She is a determined, beautiful and amazing person with a bright light that shines from within. I also have two amazing sons, Shawn and Jesse, two awesome daughter-in-laws, Marlene and Tina, three beautiful granddaughters, Lucilea, Bailey and Skye and an adorable grandson, Shawn Jr. and last, but certainly not least, my gorgeous and patient wife Julia.

Wishing you peace, tolerance and happiness.



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