Where the heck does time go?

Well, I’ve done it again. It’s been months since my last posting. I just don’t get where the time goes. Oh, that’s right, renos and keeping up with life’s daily demands (including the tax man and other government related ‘hoop jumping’). OK, I’ll stop complaining now because, thanks to Eckhart, I’m learning how that just feeds the ego and I’m done with that sucker. Give me some more ‘space between my thoughts’. Definitely not easy in a busy mind but wow, it sure feels good when you ‘get there’.

My last long read mentioned that the new year would bring some cool things for my music and other creative endeavors and so it shall. We are finally (I mean really folks how long does it take???) wrapping up the final reno stuff and have entered what I call ‘tweak mode’ which is nowhere near as disruptive as full-on reno mode. As such, I should have my studio up and running within a couple of weeks and can start making more music. I have recently signed a deal where my tunes will be shopped to movies, TV and games so I want to give them lots of content. I will also start pre-production on the ‘bluesy, soul’ tunes. Heck, I’m just gonna have some musical fun. I’ll be looking again at putting on a few ‘shows’ so hopefully I can make that happen before too long. 

I’ve started scripting the video for a song I wrote for Amy called ‘The Brand New You’ and will be looking for a couple of folks to help me shoot the video and get it posted to Youtube in the not too distant future. The video will be dedicated to all those on a journey back from a bad accident or other life changing event. It is especially for those dealing with head injuries as they are part of a much ignored segment of our population.

In the meantime I’m still playing out there doing solo and trio gigs at the WAG (Washington Avenue Grill), The Vault, Iguana’s Beach Grill and other such venues. I’m with the trio tonight (Sat, April 2) at the WAG. We always have a good time playing music together so come on by if you can. You can find my other gigs on my gigs page

And, for God’s sake can we please have some sun, for more than a day? I’m starting to rust. 

Be well, 



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