Be Here Now

I hope this update finds you all healthy and joyful. It’s definitely a challenge to maintain such a state of being but it sure is worth the ‘attention’.

My wife, Julia and my daughter Amy got me the AppleTV for my birthday in March. It’s a very cool tech toy and among other things, has made it very easy to watch Eckhart Tolle podcasts. At this point in my life Eckart’s wisdom has been extremely valuable to my survival. If you are a seeker and have not checked out Eckhart I highly recommend checking out his podcasts and/or his books. You can get to the podcasts via AppleTV, iTunes or YouTube.

My spiritual pursuits have been invaluable in helping me accept my daughter’s accident and the subsequent realities for her and my wife and I. It also helps me accept the state of the music industry and how that affects my career. To make money these days in the industry from playing or songwriting is a daunting task.

Regardless of the challenges, I intend to keep moving forward with all the initiatives I’ve mentioned in previous posts, although they will just take a little longer than originally planned. One of the first things will be to put on a show both in Vancouver and in my hometown of White Rock. I will also be looking once again at the Island and up in the interior. In the meantime I will be playing the usual ‘haunts’ around town.

Be Well. – Neil


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