Back from LA & Westbeach Bar & Grill, Sat, Nov 12

Greetings Everyone,

I hope you are all happy and healthy or darn close to it. I thought it was about time I posted a quick update.

I recently returned from a very cool trip to LA. It was a TAXI Road Rally. My good friend Dennis Pook joined me on the journey. We learned a lot and are glad we made the effort.

TAXI operates as an independent A&R company helping unsigned artists and writers find deals and song placements. We heard some great talent at the open mics and also some not so great talent. There was a plethora of panels and workshops, many hosted by some very successful industry writers, producers and A&R reps. It was my first year there and looking back I can see where I may have missed a few marketing opportunities but now that I know how the event works I’m looking forward to next year.

Now that I’m back home and settling in, I am getting ready for the West Beach Bar & Grill gig this Saturday, November 12 starting at 7:30pm. They have cut back their booking a bit as they are concerned with how much they spend on entertainment versus the turnouts, so, if you aren’t doing anything and want to come by for a tasty meal, snack or just a couple drinks and a visit that would be awesome and would help them to keep me on the re-book list.

I also have many other upcoming gigs, including the Uptown Lounge on Nov 18, with Linda Kidder. You can find more details on the Gigs page of my website.

Be Well.



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