That Was Fast

Wow! That Christmas came and went fast. I sure enjoyed the food and company and hope you all had a wonderful time as well. Now it’s on to the New Year’s event. It’s hard to believe we’re heading into 2012. Yikes! I’ll be playing at the WAG on New Year’s Eve with my dear friends Linda Kidder (bass/vocals) and Rick Clark (drums). I believe the event is sold out so it’ll be a full house of music and fun. I’m also playing some solo gigs this week:

• Wed, Dec 28, 6:30pm – WAG
• Thurs, Dec 29, 7:00pm – The Vault
• Fri, Dec 30, 8:30pm – The Vault

Tunes from the ‘Somewhere’ CD are still getting airplay in various countries, mostly in Australia and New Zealand. ‘The Trip’s the Thing’ was ‘Song of the Week’ on Hutt Radio 106.1 FM in New Zealand the week of Dec 5. That was pretty cool. A big thank you to the DJ Eddie O’Strange for that and to Dixie McCorkell from Triplestrand Productions. Also, a very big thank you to Bryon Tosoff from Voodoohead Productions for all his ongoing help with radioplay.

It’s a tough business but we forge on and look forward to those special musical moments and the occasional break. Here’s hoping 2012 brings more exciting news for everyone. I’m due for a good year.

Be Well – Neil


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