2012 – Month Two Already

Greetings All,

I hope 2012 has been kind to you so far. It’s hard to believe we’re fast approaching the mid-way mark of month two already. Where is the speed dial? Turn ‘er down an octave!

We had a very musical evening on Sunday, Feb 5 at Elks Hall in White Rock. Steve Gidora & Medderick showcased their new CD, Jokers & Prophets, and I had a great time playing in the band. Thank you to all those who attended and congrats to Steve & Medderick on the CD which is full of great tunes and performances.

I’ll be working on some YouTube videos over the next few months and uploading them as they are finished. I’ve been writing loads of tuned lately, largely inspired by Film/TV listings I’ve been submitting to. No placements yet but a pile of tunes, many of which I can repurpose for my own use. The plan is to feature a bunch of new tunes plus some unpublished relics from the past, some of which will be free downloads. I will also be doing some shows in the near future, so stay tuned.

Well, back to life. Wishing you all peace & happiness.



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