Bring on the Sun

Hello Everyone,

It’s been far too long since I’ve updated my home page. It seems there is never enough time in a day to get those to dos done. For those of you in the local area of White Rock/South Surrey, I sure hope you managed to get out and enjoy some of the sun. It has been a rare treat, one I enjoy. Bring it on! I love that vitamin D. 

Not much new to report on the musical side of things. I have been trying to recover from a very nasty bug. Whew!! Those little buggers pack a big wallop! Talk about David & Goliath. 

As promised a while back I will be uploading a plethora of songs, old and new. I might as well share them with you as this industry has made it very difficult to make money from intellectual property. I have been giving much thought as to where I want to fit in, if at all. There is much about the music industry right now that does not take me to my ‘happy place’. Although it was nowhere near a perfect solution years ago at least the gate keepers kept the playing field somewhat organized and free of wanna bees. It’s such a crowded mess now that I find it disheartening. Much soul searching going on these days. 

I did upload my videos for ‘Nothing is Changing’ and ‘Guardian Angel’ (both from the ‘Rubber Room Day’ CD) and they sure bring back memories. The ‘Nothing is Changing’ video is especially powerful due to the amount of friends and family (including my dear parents) that were in the video and have since passed on. You can see the videos on my youtube channel here:

My next gig is tomorrow night, Wed (May 9), 6:30 at The Vault (solo). I also play the Vault on Thurs, May 17 @ 6:30. On Sunday, May 13 I am the guest artist for an event hosted by Ted Tosoff and Rick Dalgarno at the Firefighter’s club in Burnaby. Ted & Rick do the first set and Lee Oliphant and I will do the second set and the last set is a jam with all of us. On Sat, May 19 I will be at the WestBeach Bar & Grill in White Rock sharing the stage with Steve Gidora. In June I have three weekends at the WAG with my trio. For a complete listing please visit my website at

Wishing you all peace and health. Now where the heck did the sun go??



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