More Sun Please! And Some Thoughts

Greetings All.

After way too much cold weather and rain here on the west coast of Canada we finally got some awesome sunshine and I was lovin’ it. Here’s hoping it returns soon.

It’s been way too long since I’ve updated my website. It amazes me how fast the days go by and how long the to do list is.

I’m still playing my usual circuit and am very grateful for repeat bookings at The WAG, The Vault, Westbeach Bar & Grill and Beecher Street Cafe.

I’ve also been very busy looking for ways to expand to a global market. At first glance one would think this to be a fairly doable task, however, after many months of research the reality seems to be that the new paradigm has flooded the industry, especially the internet, with competition. The biggest issue is how much of the competition is not at a pro level and yet jams up the flow creating an overwhelming amount of input overload for both the potential fan base and the industry at large. There are a number of folks out there who share this view, including Bob Lefsetz, and seem to agree this is a growing trend. A big part of this is the result of the new social media which is dominating the internet these days and will for the foreseeable future.

Having said that, I believe there may still be a way to leverage the internet, if one approachs it from a niche concept. Of course, if you have oodles of money for marketing, the rules change. Just like traditional marketing the new media is still primarily a rich man’s game. To promote oneself in today’s market you have to find ingenious ways to drive web traffic to your product, be it music or anything else. The trouble now is it seems folks don’t stop at being ingenious and instead are turning the internet and our email inbox into the new telemarketing platform with some very desperate and misleading information.

One thing for sure, it’s the fans, more than ever, who make or break a music career. If enough fans spread the word through global social networking even artists with very little marketing budget can enjoy a sustainable career.

And so, with that in mind, I thank you all for your current and future support and wish you peace, health and happiness.

– Neil


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