Now This is More Like it

Sure do love this sunshine. I hope it keeps up through our upcoming holidays. 

I’m playing this Sat, July 6 at the WAG (Washington Avenue Grill) with Lee Oliphant on bass and Lou Hoover on drums. It will be a fun night. 

My weekly Tues/Wed Cardero’s gig is still happening and going well. I also do some extra nights here and there filling in for the other awesome performers who play there. Check out my gig page for more info.

I won’t be playing Cardero’s on Wed, Aug 28 because I will be attending a celebration dinner for my good friend Lewis Nitikman who will be visiting from Britain. Lewis recently got married in England so those of us who couldn’t make the trip will be able to give Lewis and his gorgeous wife Suzanne our best wishes, in person, at the dinner party. Lewis is a super talented songwriter, producer & keyboard player who I have had the pleasure of working with many times in my life. 

The lovely and talented Vicky Sjohall will be covering for me on Wed, Aug 28. Vicky also performs most Friday’s at Cardero’s.

I am slowly (and I mean slowly) getting things together for the YouTube videos I will be recording soon. I keep getting sidetracked with the rest of life much of which is dealing with Worksafe. I don’t think in all my years that I have had to deal with any organization more frustrating and I know there are many of you who have had the same experience. Boggles the mind and hurts one’s heart and soul.

Well, I better run and get on with my day. Wishing you all peace and happiness.




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