Happy New Year – Welcome to 2014

Well, we made it. Another year has gone by and here we are in 2014. It’s crazy how time just seems to fly by and my list of to-dos doesn’t seem to get any shorter. In fact, it just seems to get longer. It’s all good though. I’ve become pretty diligent at working my Eckhart Tolle program of present moment living and acceptance, so the stress caused by modern day life has been greatly reduced, especially in comparison to the way it use to be for me. Thank you Eckhart.

I would like to thank all those who have supported me and my music over the years, including my wonderful family. The music industry is very complex and challenging and without fans, an artist would simply be playing for themselves, and although that can be satisfying at times, the real joy of music is in the sharing. Of course, with today’s new music industry paradigm, even sharing music has become super complex and yet, regardless of that, it sill comes down to fans who support the artists and their music. So, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you as well to the venues who support live music. Without you, being able to make even a modest living, playing live, would be near impossible. There are far too many to list here but I will at least mention the rooms I play on a regular basis, to whom I owe much gratitude for their continued bookings.

Thank you: Washington Avenue Grill, The Vault, Bistro 72, Cardero’s, West Beach Bar & Grill and the Ox & Barrel. Thank you as well to the many senior’s homes, where I get to bring music to those who can’t otherwise get out to hear some tunes. I need to also mention Evergreen Cottages, which is a room I play for those with Acquired Brain Injuries. We’ve had a lot of fun over the years. 

I am hoping to do more self-produced shows this year and look at getting into a few new rooms. One venue that comes to mind, where many of my friends are playing, is the Fan Club in Vancouver, so, with any luck, perhaps I can play some tunes there in 2014.

Music aside, life can throw many curves, not the least of which is seeing dear friends and family move on, which is never easy. I know many of us have had to deal with such losses in 2013, and as time goes on, there will be more. So, we must enjoy life, while we have it, and be kind to one another and put judgement and intolerance aside and do our best to manifest love into this world. I have no idea what life is all about and have come to realize there is no point in driving myself crazy trying to figure it out, as knowing is not ultimately important. Having said that, there are still times when I feel tortured and get a little crazy, but as long as I can keep reasonably balanced, it’s all good. 

Here’s to some new music in 2014. I just need to find some time to finish up the plethora of ideas I have started over the last couple of years. You can find my list of gigs here. See you around. :-)

I wish you all peace, joy & health. Be safe.

– Neil



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