Regrets, I have more than a few

At this point of my journey I find myself reflecting on the choices I made and how they shaped my life story. In our culture there seems to be the romantic notion of ‘no regrets’ and ‘I wouldn’t change a thing’, which, I believe, in most cases, is nonsense.

I’m not suggesting we stew in the juices of regret, as that would not accomplish anything but misery. However, practicing acceptance of the plethora of bad choices and honouring how those choices affected the outcome, is a process which does smooth the edges of the shards of memory and move me into peace.

I can honestly say, if there was a time machine which would allow me to go back, while retaining what I know now, I would definitely make different choices. Yes, I do have regrets.

The reason I am posting this is to emphasize how important our choices are and that minimizing this reality in order to pursue bad behaviour, will almost always destroy dreams and hurt many others along the way. May we all Be mindful, Be present and Just BE.


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