Happy New Year – Welcome to 2014

Well, we made it. Another year has gone by and here we are in 2014. It’s crazy how time just seems to fly by and my list of to-dos doesn’t seem to get any shorter. In fact, it just seems to get longer. It’s all good though. I’ve become pretty diligent at working my Eckhart Tolle program of present moment living and acceptance, so the stress caused by modern day life has been greatly reduced, especially in comparison to the way it use to be for me. Thank you Eckhart.

I would like to thank all those who have supported me and my music over the years, including my wonderful family. The music industry is very complex and challenging and without fans, an artist would simply be playing for themselves, and although that can be satisfying at times, the real joy of music is in the sharing. Of course, with today’s new music industry paradigm, even sharing music has become super complex and yet, regardless of that, it sill comes down to fans who support the artists and their music. So, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you as well to the venues who support live music. Without you, being able to make even a modest living, playing live, would be near impossible. There are far too many to list here but I will at least mention the rooms I play on a regular basis, to whom I owe much gratitude for their continued bookings.

Thank you: Washington Avenue Grill, The Vault, Bistro 72, Cardero’s, West Beach Bar & Grill and the Ox & Barrel. Thank you as well to the many senior’s homes, where I get to bring music to those who can’t otherwise get out to hear some tunes. I need to also mention Evergreen Cottages, which is a room I play for those with Acquired Brain Injuries. We’ve had a lot of fun over the years. 

I am hoping to do more self-produced shows this year and look at getting into a few new rooms. One venue that comes to mind, where many of my friends are playing, is the Fan Club in Vancouver, so, with any luck, perhaps I can play some tunes there in 2014.

Music aside, life can throw many curves, not the least of which is seeing dear friends and family move on, which is never easy. I know many of us have had to deal with such losses in 2013, and as time goes on, there will be more. So, we must enjoy life, while we have it, and be kind to one another and put judgement and intolerance aside and do our best to manifest love into this world. I have no idea what life is all about and have come to realize there is no point in driving myself crazy trying to figure it out, as knowing is not ultimately important. Having said that, there are still times when I feel tortured and get a little crazy, but as long as I can keep reasonably balanced, it’s all good. 

Here’s to some new music in 2014. I just need to find some time to finish up the plethora of ideas I have started over the last couple of years. You can find my list of gigs here. See you around. :-)

I wish you all peace, joy & health. Be safe.

– Neil





I have just uploaded a number of tunes that are FREE to you and your friends. If you like them please feel free to share them. Most of the songs are old demos and masters that were never released. I was overwhelmed when I came across them by accident recently and saddened by what a shame it was they never got to see the day of light. Rather than repeating the story you can find it on the Free Music page.

I will be adding more tracks in the next week or two. The Free Music page will not be limited to old recordings as I do plan to give away some newer tunes as well, or at least versions of them. Music is meant to be heard and experienced so it thrills me to do this and I look forward to incorporating some of these tunes into my live show.

These are not the easiest of times so if you are so inclined it would be a lot of help to me if you ‘liked’ my Facebook fan page and if you are interested in some of my official releases you can get info on my Music Page. If you are already a fan it would be so cool if you turned someone else onto my music and more importantly Thank You so much for being a fan.

Wishing you all peace & health.


A Few Updates – Support Live Music

Greetings All,

I have a couple of new venues coming up in the next few weeks I want to let you know about. It’s always awesome to see places take a chance on live music so I want to give them a big kudos and ask you all to please make an effort to show them how much we music fans appreciate what they’re doing. I apologize in advance for repeating this theme throughout my post but I truly believe that pro level live music can survive in these ‘hard times’ if the fans show their support.

I’m playing with the trio this coming weekend (Nov 2,3) at The Tudor Ale House at 187 – 176th Street, in South Surrey, right by the border truck crossing. The venue has been updated a lot since the old Tudor Inn days and has a cool vibe. Yes, the pole is gone.

There’s a large party booked for Sat night but I’m sure they could still squeeze you in if you can’t make it Friday . There’s room to dance so we plan to rock it up more than usual. The Tudor is planning to have a band each weekend, if they get decent turnouts, so, if at all possible, come on out and support live music and the venues that make it possible. And, they are offering a shuttle by ‘tip’ only, which you can reserve by calling 778-294-1080.

On Thursday, Nov 1 at 6:30pm I’m playing solo at the Vault and then I’m back at the Vault again Fri, Sat/Nov 9, 10 starting at 8:15.

On Fri, Sat/Nov 16, 17 from 8:30-11:30 I’m playing solo at Bistro 72, a new venue in Newton, which is a very cozy, cool, Tapas/Tasting style restaurant with great food, wine and brew – and reasonable prices. It’s in the newly renovated basement of the well established and popular Old Surrey Restaurant at 13483 – 72 Ave. They don’t have a website up quite yet but I found this number on yellow pages – 604-599-1972. Again, these folks who take the leap to support live music deserve a chance to make it work, so, if you can, please come by and check it out.

You can find more gigs and info here.

I wish you all peace & health.


This Weekend

I’ll be playing with the trio this weekend (June 17, 18) at the WAG (Washington Avenue Grill) in White Rock. The lovely and talented Linda Kidder will be on bass and vocals and Shawn Soucy is on drums.

I am also playing on Sat, June 18 at Kwomais Point as part of a South Surrey Festival that is somewhat ‘tied in’ with the Ocean Park Days festivities. My set is scheduled for 2:10ish-2:55ish.

Hoping to see some of you.

Be Well. – Neil

The Trip’s the Thing

I have been remiss in keeping my news page up to date – sorry about that. Life has been full of challenges lately with the recent passing of my dear Mom, plus me and the family are in the middle of packing for a move. Although we are excited it sure is a lot of work and I honestly don’t know anyone that actually enjoys the process. However, as the song says, ‘The Trip’s the Thing’ and everyday I try my level best to remember that and enjoy the moment for what it is, even if the understanding eludes me.

Speaking of ‘The Trip’s the Thing’, I have been hearing from folks that they have heard it a number of times on Galaxie (the Adult Alternative channel), so that’s cool. A couple of the blues tracks off the CD are getting played on the blues channel on Galaxie as well as CBC and ‘Soul Train Ride’ is still getting airplay on The Shore. In fact, I have received some awesome posts and emails regarding the tune and The Shore.

As busy as things are right now we are also working on getting some more airplay. I want to thank Bryon Tosoff for his help. With any luck at all we’ll get more adds soon. I have other marketing plans that are a little offbeat and tied into my passion about supporting brain injury, which I will get to once we are moved and settled.

As a result of the time consuming family matters I did have to cancel my Vancouver show scheduled for May 22 but we are currently looking at another date in June or July and will announce that asap. We will also be looking to do another show in my local town of White Rock.

Be happy, tolerant and joyful. After all, ‘The Trip’s the Thing’ – Neil