Big Fun!!

Howdy Ya’ll,

Boy, was that a fun weekend of playing music and hangin’ out with family, friends and fans.

The Music in the Park show in Kamloops was awesome, as was the audience. Thank you to everyone who came out to support the show and live music in general. When my first record, ‘Times Like These’ was released back in 1989, Kamloops played a big role in supporting my career. You folks are special. Thanks to Henry Small for getting us in the lineup and to the City of Kamloops and the BCLC for funding the Music in the Park event. Thanks as well to Mike and the folks from Lee’s Music for setting up and running the sound system. Last, but certainly not least, my heartfelt thanks to the boys in the band – Lee Oliphant on bass and my dear friend Rick Clark on drums. You guys rock!!

After the Music in the Park event, Lee and I headed straight back home to get a little sleep before our next show in my hometown of White Rock for the Spirit of the Sea Festival. The amazing Shawn Soucy (drums & vocal) joined Lee and I for our 3:00 set on the West Stage. It was super fun and made for a very cool musical adventure.

During our show, there was a Flash Mob Wedding, which was a blast. At one point the wedding party was dancing and singing along to ‘I Got My Mojo Working’. We invited Jim Black to the stage for ‘Mojo’ and he played a smokin’ guitar solo. Thanks Jim. Congratulations to Kevin & Alina on their wedding.

My heartfelt gratitude to Lee and Shawn for their awesome talent as well as to my good friend Steve Gidora for joining us on stage for a few tunes. Man, I love playing music when it’s about the music. Much appreciation as well to my friend Al Riede for all the wonderful photos (including the ones in this posting).

As you can see, Amy had a fun time celebrating her 30th birthday and four year anniversary of her accident and her amazing journey back. You can also see a bit of my wife, Julia’s, gorgeous smile. I love you both very much.


Thank you to all the fans who came out to support our show and the Spirit of the Sea Event. One portal to a higher resonance is through live, meaningful, original music so it’s always great to see folks fostering such undertakings. Turn off the computer, the TV and the virtual world and get out and see players making live music. We love it and appreciate you being there soooooo much!!

For those who’ve already read my Facebook posts much of this is reiteration but there is no other way as many folks on my fan list do not participate in Facebook, hence the website – PLUS – artists have way more control over a website than Facebook – and I like that.

With that said, here’s another repeat – Thank you to all the organizers/volunteers of the Spirit of the Sea event and to Phil Davies, Rob Nelson and the other folks providing gear and ears to help make us players sound good.  It’s all a ton of work I know and we appreciate your time and effort very much. Thanks as well to the sponsors who made the event possible and to good folks from the Semiahmoo First Nations.

And there you have it. Big Fun!!! – Wishing you all Peace, Health & Happiness.

Doing the Chuck Berry walk.
Me and the lads. Photo by Al Riede


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